Phantom: Covert Ops Oculus Rift vs Quest Comparison

Phantom: Covert Ops is sneaking onto Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest today and it’s pretty darn great, but how does each version compare side-by-side? Weighing up the quality of Quest versions of VR games against more powerful platforms is usually a question of freedom. Does the lack of a wire make up for the inevitableRead More

Maskmaker, New VR Title From A Fisherman’s Tale Studio, Releases 2021

Video game publisher MWM Interactive announced that it’s partnering with Innerspace VR, the studio behind A Fisherman’s Tale, to release a new VR title in 2021. The game will be called Maskmaker, set in the magical workshop of a man named Prospero. A Fisherman’s Tale was one of our favorite games from last year —Read More

Bigscreen Update Adds Videoplayer For Native File Playback On Quest

A new Bigscreen update launching today adds the capability to play local video files stored on a device in Bigscreen, even when offline. The feature also supports synchronized multi-user online viewing sessions, provided each user has the same video file stored on their own device. Bigscreen has always been one of the leading applications forRead More

Iron Man VR Started Development On PC

Iron Man VR releases exclusively for PSVR next week and we recently talked with Ryan Payton, founder of developer Camouflaj, about the game’s development. During the conversation he briefly touched on the game’s early prototyping phase and mentioned it began life as a PC VR title. [embedded content] “When we first were prototyping the game,Read More

MLB The Show 20: Future Stars Dylan Carlson in Headliners Set 31

The Headliners packs were updated a little later today to coincide with the release of the 5th Inning Program. Headliners Set 31 Dylan Carlson is the new player in those packs. Future Stars Dylan Carlson is a 97 overall. As a switch hitter, Carlson already has plenty of buzz from the Team Affinity Stage 2Read More

MLB The Show 20: 5th Inning Program Guide and Overview

The 4th Inning Program has wrapped up and that leads us to the 5th Inning Program for MLB The Show 20. The boss player rewards remain at 300 stars, and we’re also continuing the new trend of having rewards that go well past 300 stars. The 300 star boss players are Signature Series Mariano Rivera,Read More

Angels Home Run Swings: MLB The Show 20 Vs. Real Life

We started out the AL West with the Seattle Mariners, and now we move to a team with a bit more home-run hitting depth with the LA Angels. The Angels home run swings include five players, and I think all five players on the list are self-explanatory. Los Angeles Angels Home Run Swings Mike TroutRead More