Apex Legends Review – Ein neuer Battle Royale Titan

Wenn Apex Legends eines zu bieten hat, ist es das Gefühl, vollständig zu sein – etwas, das nicht jedes Battle Royale-Spiel behaupten kann. Die enorme Beliebtheit des Shooter-Subgenres bedeutet, dass es viele Spiele gibt, die den Wettbewerb der letzten Spieler gut bestehen, aber mit ein paar Problemen auf dem Weg. Einige etablierte Schützen erweitern ihreRead More

Kreatur im Brunnen Review – Gut platzierter Schuss

Die Kreatur hat ein Dutzend Fallen aufgestellt, die alle nur durch den leuchtenden Ball deaktiviert werden können, der sorgfältig auf der Spitze meines Schwertes balanciert ist. Auf einen Blick kann ich erkennen, dass eine beeindruckende Darstellung der Geometrie erforderlich ist, um den Ball in jedes Ziel zu hüpfen, bevor mich ein herannahender Laser in zweiRead More

Pokemon Sword And Shield – The Isle Of Armor DLC Review

One of the best parts of Pokemon Sword and Shield was exploring the Wild Area, an expanse of rolling hills, sand dunes, and lakes that made collecting the games’ 400 Pokemon especially enticing. The first DLC for the games, The Isle of Armor, improves upon the original Wild Area–in fact, the island is all WildRead More

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Review

Thieves sure do lead enviable lives. Not only do they get to explore exotic locales and caress exquisite treasure, but they can even mingle with their ancestors. Yes, in Sly Cooper’s latest foray, he steals priceless artifacts while thumbing his nose at scientific law. Zooming through history’s pages brings plentiful, and often welcome, diversity toRead More

Panzer Dragoon VR Debuts Nostalgic Retrospective Trailer

We’re proud to reveal to the world for the first time ever, the teaser trailer for Panzer Dragoon VR, coming in 2021 to all major VR headsets. The nostalgic retrospective trailer debuted today during the pre-show of the UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition 2020. [embedded content] The fact that a Panzer Dragoon game is in developmentRead More

Steam Summer Sale 2020 Now Live Discounting Half-Life: Alyx And More

The Steam Summer Sale for 2020 is now live until July 9th at 10PM PT with discounts across the entire storefront on thousands of games including some of the very best VR titles like Half-Life: Alyx and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. Every year Valve has an enormous Steam Summer Sale with deep discountsRead More

New SteamVR Features Will Be OpenXR As Valve Transitions To Standard

Valve’s transition toward the open standard OpenXR API from its earlier OpenVR efforts is gaining steam as the company announced they “expect new features on SteamVR to appear on the OpenXR side.” Valve recently rolled out initial support for the standard in a beta release while saying today that more than 4000 titles released onRead More

In Death: Unchained Brings Hell To Oculus Quest On July 23

In Death: Unchained brings its procedurally generated levels of heaven, purgatory, and hell to Oculus Quest on July 23rd. The game is available to wishlist now on the Oculus Store and carries a price of $29.99. Check out the latest trailer we premiered for the game in our UploadVR Showcase: [embedded content] David Jagneaux reviewed theRead More