Novels About Playing Cards: The Solitaire Mystery

The Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder Playing cards have occupied an important role in our culture for hundreds of years. Their significance is in the first place connected to their primary use as as tool for playing card games, which is the primary factor that popularized them rapidly and led to their spread throughout Europe inRead More

Playing Cards About Novels

Many new collectors of playing cards ask: Where should I start? Old-timers will often give advice along these lines: “Don’t just buy every deck you can. Think carefully about what you like. Consider collecting decks that have a common theme or focus.” That’s good advice! With literally thousands of different decks on the market, andRead More

The Magician’s Oath

What is the Magician’s Oath? You don’t have to know much about magic to be aware that that there is a long tradition around maintaining secrecy, in order to preserve the secrets of magic. There is even an ancient “Magician’s Oath”, which is a kind of magician’s code that practitioners of magic are expected toRead More

7 More Top Marked Decks

Coded System Marked Decks Marked decks are a very special tool, because they contain a variety of secrets that helps magicians perform amazing tricks that would never otherwise be possible. You do not need to learn any complex moves that take a long time to master, because you can use the markings on the cardRead More