Fortnite: Battle Royale Review – Laying The Foundation

Pour un jeu qui était longtemps en développement en tant que jeu de tir basé sur la horde coopérative, l’ajout visible et relativement rapide de Battle Royale à Fortnite semblait être un mouvement pour capitaliser sur une tendance. Cependant, son système de construction apparemment simple et ses mécanismes de tir lâches le distinguent non seulementRead More

Cadence Of Hyrule Review – Groove Est Dans Le Cœur

La chose la plus surprenante à propos de Cadence of Hyrule, malgré son caractère inhabituel, est à quel point cela ressemble immédiatement à un jeu Zelda. Esthétiquement, il se situe quelque part entre A Link to the Past et les jeux de dessin animé Four Swords, mais ses racines Zelda sont beaucoup plus profondes queRead More

Kreatur im Brunnen Review – Gut platzierter Schuss

Die Kreatur hat ein Dutzend Fallen aufgestellt, die alle nur durch den leuchtenden Ball deaktiviert werden können, der sorgfältig auf der Spitze meines Schwertes balanciert ist. Auf einen Blick kann ich erkennen, dass eine beeindruckende Darstellung der Geometrie erforderlich ist, um den Ball in jedes Ziel zu hüpfen, bevor mich ein herannahender Laser in zweiRead More

Pokemon Sword And Shield – The Isle Of Armor DLC Review

One of the best parts of Pokemon Sword and Shield was exploring the Wild Area, an expanse of rolling hills, sand dunes, and lakes that made collecting the games’ 400 Pokemon especially enticing. The first DLC for the games, The Isle of Armor, improves upon the original Wild Area–in fact, the island is all WildRead More

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Review

Thieves sure do lead enviable lives. Not only do they get to explore exotic locales and caress exquisite treasure, but they can even mingle with their ancestors. Yes, in Sly Cooper’s latest foray, he steals priceless artifacts while thumbing his nose at scientific law. Zooming through history’s pages brings plentiful, and often welcome, diversity toRead More

Dreamscaper is a lovely, action-heavy roguelike with shades of Persona

If you’ve been intrigued by some of the Jungian ideas presented in Persona 4 Golden (which is now out on Steam for PC players to finally try), you may want to give Dreamscapers a look. It’s a decidedly more western affair, but it shares some of the Persona series’ fundamental ideas – particularly, confronting yourRead More

Gloomhaven has completely reworked its campaign

Gloomhaven, the digital adaptation of the hit giant-box board game phenomenon, has just received its biggest update since appearing in Steam early access last year. The Guildmaster Update is effectively a complete rework of the game’s campaign, giving players the ability to change up their roster whenever they see fit. Adventure Mode has been replaced with GuildmasterRead More

Here are next week’s free games from Epic

Another week, another round of free PC games from the Epic Games Store. We’re back in the regular rhythm where Epic reveals its freebies ahead of time, and next week’s selection includes some notable representatives from the worlds of survival games and indie games. You’ll be able to pick up Conan Exiles and Hue startingRead More