Make fast progress and get a full team SS-styles in Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe right now

Login, level up

Once you’ve cleared through the early game tutorial, you will be met with a dozen log-in bonus screens. Tedious, yes, but this will give you a nice edge early on in the game.

You’ll be gifted with over 10k gems, premium currency used for summons, and that’ll net you at least three 10x summons to start your experience with. Not bad. That’s in addition to your daily free summon and a bunch of summoning tickets, of course. You’ll find yourself with dozens of heroes very quickly, but other than a single guarantee, getting a SS-style is luck.

Getting strong heroes is all well and good, but keep in mind they don’t level up on their own, you’ll need to visit the Dojo for each character when outside of battle to power them all up.

Assembling the team

Once you’ve splurged all of the summon tickets you possibly can, it’s about time to assemble your team and get ready for battle. Naturally the SS-styles are the best in the game, so you focus on assembling a full team of SS heroes, if possible.

Getting a team of SS heroes early on will pretty much guarantee you a good chance of surviving against even powerful monsters, as long as you’re not going way outside of your general level range.

Though for the purposes of the early main quests, a full team of SS-styles is overkill, and you’ll get through neatly with a full team of any characters.

Start Dash Missions

Want more rewards? Haven’t gotten enough powerful styles yet? Well you’re in luck, because early adopters have so much more to earn, and fast.

Clear through some quests and you’ll quickly find yourself with plenty of summoning gems and more from the standard missions, but to make real progress as fast as possible, you should be looking at the Start Dash Missions.

These Start Dash Missions have much better rewards in general, and will give you special items to summon more styles and power up your heroes. Oh, and make sure to link your account to Facebook or Google or whatever, because that’s an easy 500 gems.

Keep on questing

Once you’ve gotten all of that out of the way, there’s nothing to do except focus on questing. Get through those main quests as quickly as you can – auto battle should serve you fine for most situations – but don’t neglect other quests.

There are events to undertake, daily training, and more, and yes, all of these will result in rewards which will allow you to summon even more styles. This is what gacha games are all about, right?

And as you progress through the variety of quests, you will inevitably find yourself with more missions completed, leading you to yet more rewards… You see where this is going. Just make sure to tick off all of those boxes, and you’ll be rolling in more premium currency and rare styles than you will know what to do with.

Credit: Make fast progress and get a full team SS-styles in Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe right now